We can bake you happy!

Not only can we bake you happy, but it is through baking that we found our own happiness. 

Once upon a time Mary-Helen Boda worked in the health care sector. After years of dedication she left the secure but unfulfilling profession to dedicate herself to the art of baking. And so, amid the fears and hopes of taking the risk of following her dreams, the Kitchen Witch was born!

The seeds of the Kitchen Witch’s guiding principles were first planted as a child helping her Hungarian nagy-mama bake. Over the years the spell was cast and those seeds – long tended to – grew into full-fledged convictions. 

We are committed to all natural ingredients, re-imagining traditional baking, and using seasonal produce to create scrumptious desserts with freshness baked in. We believe that everyone deserves some deliciousness in their lives so we have developed gluten-free and vegan desserts that rival anything made anywhere.

We believe in comfort food for the soul and that a taste of magic can ease the modern heart. We believe in working with people to achieve the sublime; we believe in following your dreams. 

You can taste it.

Montreal Gazette

The Montreal Gazette

"...get some extra brain fuel with a brownie: sourced from Kitchen Witch, it’s a generous square marbled on the top with a streak of blondie. The oh-so-fudgy chocolate centre has a beautiful caramelized, buttery flavour courtesy in part of spelt flour, known for its nutty notes.” - October 17, 2019

Myriade Cafe Dominion

Sarah Rourke
Manager, Myriade Café - Dominion branch

"Before getting to know the Kitchen Witch Bakery, I was convinced that there was no way to make delicious gluten-free baked goods. Everything I’d try would lack in flavour and texture...and was just wrong. The Kitchen Witch has completely changed my mind and has perfected the secret to making the most delectable and moist gluten-free products, surprising everyone who tries it for the first time! You cannot believe it doesn’t have gluten, it’s just amazing!”

Oli Harding

Oli Harding
Chef and culinary teacher

"I've known EM, aka 'The Kitchen Witch for a few years now and she definitely does bake you happy! Her Pumpkin and Pecan Spiced Loaf is my favourite. Also Em is a delightful lady that obviously loves and cares about what she does; you can taste the passion!"

Rachel Andren

"The Kitchen Witch is my secret weapon, especially when I need to make friends in a hurry!”

Sarah Penny
Co-owner and manager, Myriade Café - Mackay branch

"The Kitchen Witch products really taste homemade not mass produced; they feel fresher than other baked goods. The Kitchen Witch cares about quality first, not ego! Many pastry chefs are touchy and not easy to talk to about their products. The Kitchen Witch on the other hand is a pleasure to communicate with; really responsive! She listens to what you're looking for and finds something that suits your business's needs. The Kitchen Witch is flexible; she is very easy to collaborate with in order to develop recipes. My personal favourites are the gluten-free cranberry orange loaf (which she developed for us) and the pecan pumpkin loaf with espresso glaze! I appreciate that the Kitchen Witch offers regular, vegan, and gluten-free desserts. Most bakeries don't offer all three options.”

Sonia Beckhöfer-Fialho

"The Kitchen Witch definitely bakes me happy every single time I order! My daughter has allergies to wheat, eggs, bananas & peanuts. It’s not an easy task to bake for her. But the Kitchen Witch does it every time! We’ve had the best zucchini raspberry loaves, had some delicious chocolate cupcakes and the moistest yummiest cake pops EVERRRRR! Highly recommended! The Best & Freshest baked goods you could hope for!”

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